Handcrafted / Handperfected




I want to convey that we build one at a time. That if you carry a weapon and have half a brain then you know what you want your holster to be. I want to build that holster. I want to make it possible to carry what you want how you want. I was thinking something along the lines of this intro - Webster defines a holster as “a case for carrying a weapon on the person.” It’s what we do. We build every holster one at a time - start to finish- to ensure you can carry what you want, the way you want. We build our holsters using tools largely created by ourselves. Our holsters are press fitted to lend a more organic shape, never vacuum formed. We are proud to be 100 percent American made, right down to every last screw. We take our job as your holster provider very seriously.
Please include the following: Exact weapon model, Holster type (OWB or IWB or specific model), Right or Left hand, Forward cant on the weapon or straight up, Waist size, ANY weapon modifications or pertinent info I should know to build your holster