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    The Gunfighter was designed with body armor in mind. One piece fold over construction. This outside the waistband rig was built to set off body more than the Patriot. It’s at home on a battle belt or for open carry. Standard belt attachment is 1.75" pancake loops, optional 1.5" pancake loops and Tek Lok attachment available.
    Start customizing your unique Gunfighter with the options below:
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    This holster was build with input from DSTA top tier instructor Wilson Machado Jr. Over 7 months of development went into this high speed rig. After exceeding expectations during testing it was named The Stryke series, after Wilson’s IG screen name. It’s at home in competition and open carry when speed is a premium. Standard belt attachment is 1 3/4 pancake loops, optional Tek Lok available.
    Start customizing your unique Stryke with the options below: