I learned very early that my safety and security was a personal matter.

Growing rural in the manner that I did guns were very engrained in our way of life. A tool that magnified the intention of the user. It’s something I’ve taken seriously as long as I can remember.

I’ve carried a pistol for a lot of years and I’ve been fortunate to take quite a bit of training in my life. Starting as a child my instructors were family. My mother. My father. My grandfather. Each imparting wisdom through hard lessons. Later in life I would seek more professionals and continued training. Saved up and spent quite a lot of money to train with some bigshots. Some were good. Real patriots. Some were…. well…. if you can’t say anything nice…..

Fast forward to earlier this month when two of my LDS gear testers and close friends @_paullatour and @danny_thames and I loaded up at 3am and made the drive up to train with @defensivesolutionsoftexas I’ve known the DSTA guys a few years now but haven’t had the opportunity to share a range with them. The class was Urban EDC Pistol. After a short and to the point safety brief we were on the move running and gunning. From the way the class was structured, to the drills that taught real world skills, everything was on point!

Running the drills under the watchful eye of the #facelessman and @DSTA_stryke they were able to pinpoint where we needed to improve. Personal attention. One on one. From a real world gunslinger who knows how to get down. Hands down the best professional training I’ve ever received. A true wealth of knowledge and skill.

Now here is the kicker. It’s completely affordable. It was a fraction of the cost of some of my previous training that was NOWHERE near this caliber. No egos. No bullshit. Just getting the skills you need in a world gone mad. Reach out to them and get right before it’s too late.

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also a huge thank you to #tacticalgq @dsta_stryke for sending me that rockstar picture!


Until next time,

-Robert, HMFIC/owner