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    2x3 inch Velcro backed T3d Patch
  • Hideaway Handcuff Keyholder, comes with 1 American Standard Handcuff Key
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    Give the gift of a quality holster or LDS merch, because they have enough socks and underwear. 
  • This is where we made minimalist even minimalist....er. Great in the waistband as a safe alternative to “bandito” carry. (Hence the name). Also have been very popular with ladies whom carry in a purse. The lead ties to a belt loop, belt or purse handle. When the gun is pulled up, the bandit pops off allowing full deployment of your weapon.
  • Yep. We do that too. Magazine holders that fit OWB on the belt with a finger reference cut to facilitate faster reloading.
  • Use code "BULLDOG" for free shipping on t-shirt orders! Just look at you, all sad, wearing that worn out Taylor Swift T-shirt. Is that Cheeto dust? Yep, it sure as hell is. It's no wonder your training buddies don't respect you. You don't even respect yourself. Step up to the mirror you little disappointment and let Uncle Legion talk at you one time. What do you see? A sad, unfit, pathetic little mess. But not all is lost. Behind those eyes is a fire. A fire that burns hotter than the devil's #&*$. Oh, you gonna be somebody. It's there. You gotta embrace that fire, gear the #$*& up and throat punch the next moron that says the remake of Red Dawn was better than the original. Now you may be asking, "but Uncle Legion, where do I start???" Start by changing out of that dirty ass shirt. Slip into that crispy Legion rig and update your Farmers Only profile pic. Buck up cupcake, it's about to be your time.   Legion Defense Solutions Gear - Mens athletic fit, 100 percent combed ring spun cotton, Custom Silk Screened and Completely Made in America by American Owned Apparel.
  • Defender

    The Defender is standard for concealed carry. This inside the waistband holster is minimal by design, hugging the lines of the weapon to reduce printing.  Retention is set with smooth draw in mind.  Available standard with a fold over (FOMI) clip or upgraded with an UltiClip. Start customizing your unique Defender with the options below:
  • The Gnome. By far the most versatile NAA rig on the market. Named after and developed in close collaboration with master craftsmen The Hellgnome. Measuring barely over 2 inches in height and width and secured by an in house modified UltiClip XL. This rig is at home in a pocket, in a boot, on a belt, secured in a purse or bag and even inside the waistband. Retention is perfect and draw is smooth. Hellgnome approved.
  • The Gunfighter was designed with body armor in mind. One piece fold over construction. This outside the waistband rig was built to set off body more than the Patriot. It’s at home on a battle belt or for open carry. Standard belt attachment is 1.75" pancake loops, optional 1.5" pancake loops and Tek Lok attachment available.
    Start customizing your unique Gunfighter with the options below:
  • Stryke

    This holster was build with input from DSTA top tier instructor Wilson Machado Jr. Over 7 months of development went into this high speed rig. After exceeding expectations during testing it was named The Stryke series, after Wilson’s IG screen name. It’s at home in competition and open carry when speed is a premium. Standard belt attachment is 1 3/4 pancake loops, optional Tek Lok available.
    Start customizing your unique Stryke with the options below:
  • Patriot

    Our Patriot holsters are a two piece design made for strong side carry. Designed to hug the hip close and reduce printing yet deploy smooth. Standard belt attachment is 1 3/4 low profile belt loops. Start customizing your unique Patriot with the options below: