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Legion Defense Solutions was born years ago from a need and founded with the idea that quality American made gear should work to the advantage of the client.

I was raised rural. Firearms were very much a part of daily life. I don’t recall a time when they weren’t around. They put food on our table. They kept us safe. I learned to shoot very young. One of my earliest memories is shooting with my grandfather, balancing a rifle on a post because I was too small to hold it properly. Fundamentals were instilled and a passion ignited. As I grew in both stature and skill I continued to learn what I could from anyone willing. Marksmanship from my father. Self defense from my mother.

We all worked hard. Still do. Money is tough to come by and not easily spent on oneself. Most of the “gear” I had by my twenties was hand-me-down or adapted from surplus picked up at the gun shows. I recall building gear from deconstructed surplus to fill my needs. Sometimes I couldn’t find what I needed, sometimes I flat out couldn’t afford it.

Somewhere in my late twenties I was introduced to IDPA shooting. I saw this as an opportunity to train. It was clear after day one that I needed new gear. I saved for months to buy that new holster. A holster that came highly recommended. A holster that graced the pages of every gun magazine I pawed through. To say the least it did not meet my expectations. The idea of working with thermal plastics started with me repairing what I didn’t like about that holster.

The first thing I created to stand alone was a single mag holder made to fit in the back pocket of my jeans. It’s in my pocket right now. That one piece started it all. It filled a need. It made me better. It made me faster. It allowed me to carry how I wanted to carry. Slowly I refined and tested my designs and built what I wanted and needed. Holsters for me, to suit my individual needs. Soon enough I was building for friends and family. Holsters for them, to suit their needs.

Today Legion Defense Solutions gear is carried and trusted throughout the United States. We are very proud to say we have clients that are elected Sheriffs in the great state of Texas. We have clients who are Air Marshalls. We have Detectives in Florida, Law Enforcement instructors in Oregon. We have professional athletes and famous gun and knife makers. We have Patriots and Militia. We have clients who are mothers and grandmothers. We have clients just like you. We have helped countless clients overcome injuries by custom designing holsters and gear to give them back the advantage.

We make every piece of gear, one at a time, by hand just like we did years ago. We use American made materials- because it matters. We are passionate about giving good people a means to carry what they want, how they want. The phone number on our cards and on this site is to the phone in my pocket because I’m here to help. We do not accept your hard earned money lightly, and we’re damn sure not in this to get rich. In a world of “no fucks given” we take our role seriously. Mindset, training, firearm and gear all come together to create the weapon. It’s you.

-Robert, HMFIC/Owner